You’re Crazy Vol. II – First-Hand Accounts Of Surviving Trauma, Addiction & Mental Health From Within The Punk Rock Scene (Better Days Recovery Press)

You're Crazy Vol. II - First-Hand Accounts Of Surviving Trauma, Addiction & Mental Health From Within The Punk Rock Scene (Better Days Recovery Press)

Life’s hard, and there’s no doubt about it. Many obstacles drag us down through life, and some may feel there’s no way out. Society can be judgemental about almost everything you do, even if your intentions were good and you wanted the best outcome for everybody. Sadly, some people picked up alcohol/substance abuse as the only possible way out of this mess, and that’s the point where the real problems start. The book I would like to talk about today offers a glimpse of hope to anyone who is struggling with these issues. It gives many examples of how to overcome problems and addiction. It also offers you some views on how to stand on your feet and start your life again. After all, each one of us deserves a second chance, right?

It is the first time I am stumbling upon this book. Considering this is the second edition, I can only assume the first book is also good as this one. You’re Crazy Vol. II offers twenty stories written by the punk rockers who went through thick and thin in their lives. They have experienced trauma, addiction, and mental health issues but eventually succeeded by overcoming these problems and starting their lives over again. As you can only imagine by reading this review, many of these stories contain twists, turns, and turbulent moments loaded with painful situations, but in the end, they all somehow managed to get up on their feet. It’s nearly impossible not to be overwhelmed by the emotions because it contains some pretty wild stories of how people have suffered under the beforementioned circumstances. Thankfully, each story has a happy ending, and all the participants in this book live happy lives today.

Better Days Recovery Press did an excellent job by compiling these stories, but also by investing in quality printing and binding. Maybe it’s done in a good old paperback style, but this book will last for good if you handle it like any other book. Also, You’re Crazy Vol. II has nearly 150 pages, so it will not take too much of your time reading it. It’s hefty enough to keep you occupied for a while, and you can always read it all over again if you missed some detail in a previous reading. Therefore, this book will come in handy if you’re feeling like you need a piece of advice on handling your life a little bit better, and it will give you a glimpse of hope to move on with life in much positive manner. Head over to Better Days Recovery Press for more information about ordering.

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