Dimwind And Breaths Have Released A Split Album Today

Dimwind And Breaths - Split LP

American Blackgaze act Breaths and Swedish Post-Metal band Dimwind are teaming up to make an impact with the epos-like split EP ‘Seasons’. With this release they want to remind us, in the midst of a global pandemic and an ongoing war, about the ultimate threat that we must not lose sight of – humanity’s abuse of the planet. Is it truly too late, or can we as an international community reverse the destruction we’ve caused to our planet? Will there ever be a time when our children or grandchildren can simply live without fear of the world coming to a violent end?


Andreas and Jonas have been playing together in different constellations since the late 90’s. So it was on a sound foundation they established Dimwind as a duo in 2019. Their vision was to create heavy emotive post-metal that would blur the borders to adjacent genres. In 2021 they released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Slow Wave Violence’. At the time of writing, they are in the midst of making their sophomore album.


Breaths is the passion project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Jason Roberts. After writing, recording, and releasing his debut album, ‘Lined in Silver’ during the COVID pandemic, his sophomore album, ‘Though life…’ began taking shape, and was released in early 2022. Breaths combines elements of post-metal, black metal, doom metal, shoegaze, post-rock, progressive metal and post-hardcore into something unique and cohesive.

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