Against All Odds By Crashed Out Is Out Today

Crashed Out - Against All Odds LP - Demons Run Amok Entertainment

The amazing journey of Crashed Out dates back to 1995. As teenagers back then, they soon went from punk covers to unleashing their declaration of intent with their debut self released album ‘This Is Our Music’ And their aptly titled second album ‘Here Now & Real’ was self-released in ’98. With the addition of Decca Wade (ex Angelic Upstarts) on drums and Chris Wright (Lees brother) on vocals in 2000. The band developed a fresh sound that combined the urgency of punk rock with the musicianship and full-on force of rock.  drawing on influences such as AC/DC, Rancid, Motorhead and The Dickies, and Rose Tattoo among others. 2005 was a breakthrough year for Crashed Out, with the critically acclaimed fourth album ‘Pearls Before Swine’ hitting stores on Captain Oi! Records. They have often been described as the band putting the Rock into punk-rock.

Order vinyl at Demons Run Amok Entertainment.

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