Amalia Bloom Have Released A New Single

Amalia Bloom

“Sleeping beauty” is the new single signed by Italian Emo Hardcore band Amalia Bloom, a waltz of distortions that transforms a delicate dedication of love into a declaration of frustration for a relationship that consumes its counterparts from inside.

The title is inspired by the famous French folk tale yet, surprisingly, sleeping beauty is not a person but a city, a place that sleeps, beautiful but crystallised in its own slumber. The conflictual relationship narrated in the song is therefore that of a twenty-year-old against his hometown, a visceral and affectionate bond that is common for many young italians, like the band, in which people are led to suffer for the opportunities that their city does not grant them or that ends up wasting.

The song starts with a rhythmic triplet and an enthralling trend on which rests a clean and delicate voice, that swells and darkens as the song progresses until it roars into a resounding growl. The guitars are immediately intertwined between extremes of consonance and dissonance, conveying the contradiction in a bittersweet sensation in which the bitterness of disappointment dominates.

In some ways the song could be linked to the previous single “Whimsical”, another outlet whose goal is recognisable in stasis and fear of change. Both singles anticipate the band’s second studio album, “Picturesque”, out on May 13, 2022 and deeply inspired by their daily lives and places of origin.

Amalia Bloom is five friends with their feet firmly planted in their hometown Vicenza, their heads turned overseas, towards the American scene of the 90s and 00s, with broken hearts in between. Their music results in a peculiar mix of punk rock, hardcore and emo through which they search for a personal, overwhelming and visceral sound, combined with nostalgic lyrics, screamed and whispered with energy, strength and intimate passion.

The band released their first album Maiden Voyage in 2019, distributed on CD, vinyl and cassette in USA, Canada, UK and Italy. In 2020 they released the single At Eternity’s Gate and in 2021 the acoustic EP Alive, a ballet.

Amalia Bloom are Tommaso Capitello (vocals), Ettore Pernigotti (guitar and backing vocals), Federico Ceretta (guitar and backing vocals), Antonio Donà (bass) and Stefano Rigo, (drums).

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