Another Problem - Last EP CS - Dr. Skap Records

Another Problem – Last EP CS (Dr. Skap Records)

Another Problem - Last EP CS - Dr. Skap Records

So, after some delays with post offices, a hefty package from Dr. Skap Records arrived last Friday at Thoughts Words Action headquarters. After taking a sneak peek at everything Christian packed, this particular cassette caught my attention. Before I dig deeper into analyzing the tape I picked up for today’s review, I want to say a couple of lines first. As a guy who discovered so many great punk rock bands through cassette collecting culture during the nineties, I have to admit there’s been a long time since I stumbled upon a record label that pays so much attention to detail as Dr. Skap Records. The publishers who are thinking about packaging like Dr. Skap are considered a rarity nowadays. Therefore, I give much respect to Christian for that.

I am not quite sure what considers by the Last EP, but this release undoubtfully rips. Perhaps it is the last release by the band before disbandment or their latest release. Whatever may be the case, the Last EP by the German old-school hardcore group Another Problem is a piece of artistry you don’t want to miss. At some moments, their sound has reminded me of the greats we all dearly love, like Negative Approach, Sheer Terror, DYS, and Slapshot. Of course, the group doesn’t stop there. Quite the contrary, the band has a lot more to showcase and say on this extended play release. Therefore, besides many characteristic old-school maneuvers, you’ll notice that Another Problem incorporates some new school acrobatics, while the production remains close to perhaps the eighties and nineties sound. The Last EP unquestionably sounds interesting, and it will represent such a treat for all the fans of old-school hardcore sound.

The best thing about the Last EP is how Another Problem doesn’t lose on aggression and speed during these eight tracks. The band keeps their orchestrations at pace from scratch to finish, and it’s nearly impossible to find any bad riffs. The guitars continuously burst with raging shreds, while the warm-sounding bass guitar adds up a lot of mass by delivering appropriate low-end notes. The experienced drummer keeps the remainder of the band in line by providing energetic rhythmic sequences, accentuations over cymbals, and breaks. The lead vocalist serves another layer of aggression with powerful shoutouts, screams, and other loud chants. It’s been a long time since I heard something like this, and Another Problem nailed with each song they incorporated into this material. The Last EP is a proper old-school hardcore release for any occasion. The cassette is available for purchase on Dr. Skap Records’ Bandcamp page, so head over there for more information about ordering.






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