Anorak Patch Share New Single, Debut EP Out On April 29th Via Nice Swan Records

Anorak Patch - Paris Will Be Paid For

With debut EP By Cousin Sam out at the end of this month, teenagers Anorak Patch have shared new single ‘Paris Will Be Paid For’. By Cousin Sam is out 29th April via Nice Swan Records – pre-order here.

On the new single, guitarist Oscar said, “Paris will be paid for is a song of ours which combines pop hooks and more off kilter music. It’s at a constant tempo however it changes time signatures multiple times throughout the song. It makes it wonky and the more melodic parts can sort of too because of that.”

He adds, “The lyrics, like the music itself, are absurd and silly. Nothing is taken too seriously and is all very tongue in cheek and a joke. We find lyrics don’t often have to be about much, as long as the syllables fit and there’s a nice melody.”

Debut EP By Cousin Sam is out 29th April 2022, and it’s about nothing in particular, with tracks that are bold, pretty, and influenced by repetition. It’ll be released by Nice Swan Records which have worked with some of the UK’s hottest new acts including Sports Team, English Teacher, Silverbacks, FUR, Courting, Malady, and more.

It’ll include previous singles ‘Irate’ (here), ‘Blue Jeans’ (here), ‘Delilah’ (here), and latest track ‘Cousin Sam’ (here) – further proof of why Anorak Patch are one of the UK’s most exciting bands to emerge in recent times, with The Sunday Times calling ‘Delilah’ “one of the best singles of the year”.

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