Ninebanks Release New Single


Ninebanks are a band from Sunderland-UK, who started out April 2021 with their first release on September 10th. The group just released the new single “little silver” on March 21s. They are a pop punk band going for that 2000 era sound, basically the old-school stuff that the band grew up listening to and loved, so they have decided to make a band going for that vibe just with a touch of their own sound to refine it. The band’s tracks were recorded from their home studio and it was mixed, mastered and produced with German based Injected Smile Studio.

The band has the old school pop punk influences, like bands: All Time Low, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Green Day and Sum 41. Ninebanks like to keep their songs catchy and uptempo, like having that radio friendly commercial sound. They don’t look too much on how technical the music is but more how catchy and what the meaning is behind the song.







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