College Elite – I Might Fall Apart

College Elite - I Might Fall Apart

College Elite returns with an excellent new single, which will be available for listening on April 8th on all streaming services. I had the privilege to listen to this new track, and I’ll be completely honest, you shouldn’t skip this track if you’re into alternative, indie, and garage rock sound. College Elite knows how to combine all the qualities of the beforementioned genres into a giant slab of catchy, hypnotic, harmonious slab of pleasant noise. Still, College Elite doesn’t stop there. Quite the contrary, he also spices things up by adding some elements of grunge, pop-punk, and punk rock. Therefore, I Might Fall Apart comes as a cleverly arranged amalgam of various but complementary music genres, all packed into only one song.

College Elite

The entire composition bursts with energetic chord progressions and dynamic rhythmic sequences, but wait until you hear the choruses. The choruses will immediately throw you back into the nineties when genres such as alternative, grunge, indie, and pop-punk were so popular. It seems like College Elite purposely implemented riffs like these so his song could resemble some of the best tunes recorded back in the nineties, but I Might Fall Apart sounds fresh and unique from start to finish. The single will be available for listening on April 8th, so keep your eyes peeled on streaming services and College Elite’s social media pages.

In the meantime, check out College Elite’s previous tunes on Spotify.

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