Die Job To Release Debut Single On April 8th

Die Job

Die Job arrived in the Vancouver punk scene just before the pandemic hit in 2019.

While shows were cancelled, they took the opportunity to get their debut album recorded with Shafer Carson of Kinda Cool Records. What can we tell you about this record? Well, that’s probably done best by Cyrus himself…

Cyrus Lord – Vocals/Guitar – Die Job:

“This album is built on cutting clever lyrics and infectious melodies that stick in your head whether you like it or not… It’s funny how many people got mad at me over the poetry on this album. I figured it was par for the course, straight ahead, punk rock values. You know… dissing the police, dreaming of dead politicians, and maybe not ..always .. spitting the mouthwash out at the end?? … Just me?? We do this using dark comedy and happy little melodies. Word play. Storytelling. Shit-talking. A healthy dose of bitterness and strained optimism. A search for honesty. These songs explore the grey areas of life. Written on various acoustic guitars throughout the years, while searching for the rest of my band. Growing and learning to become my own person, in a world that wants to own you. First album energy.”

The first single, ‘Thanks a Lot Keith Morris’ will be released digitally along with a music video on April 8th.

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