Watch New Video By Grunge Duo Minatore

Photo by Steve Fisher

“Boys Tell Lies” is the second single by Minatore from their forthcoming debut album that was recorded by Phil Booth (Sleaford Mods) at JT Soar in Nottingham, England.

The music video is directed by Camille Alexander of the band A Void.

Here’s what the band said about the song:

“Boys Tell Lies is a direct response to the lack of belief when people come forward as victims of sexual abuse. We feel this song successfully channels our gnarled rage at the situation, whilst also bringing this frequently overlooked tragedy into the spotlight. Ultimately we hope this will help propagate openness and connectedness when discussing the subject of sexual abuse. You should always talk to someone!”

Imagine early Dinosaur Jr, Fugazi, and a driving Nirvana-esque full throttle, pedal-to-the-metal overdrive and rage all fronted by a transgender (female-to-male) singer, and you might just get a clue at how amazing the band Minatore actually is. This unique two-piece from Nottingham, England’s burgeoning underground DIY scene is led by charismatic singer Tommy Keeling, with his cracked vocals and blistering guitars, and the band’s songs are propelled by two-time cancer survivor Morgan Pettigrew, who pounds the drums in the thundering traditions of John Bonham and Ginger Baker.

Every moment this band is on stage positively explodes with energy. Minatore fuse ‘90s grunge angst and the spirit of the hardcore indie college rock scene of the late ‘80s, giving rock and roll a wondrous new sound and fury that simply cannot be ignored. Minatore gives you the feeling of what it must have been like to see a great band before they became famous. Make sure you catch them live when they hit up your unsuspecting town. 






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