ANIQO Has Released New Single And Video

„Vivre Libre – This is the curtain – The final season…“ANIQO has released her latest single, ‘Vivre Libre’ on the 4th of March. The single appears on her upcoming album BIRTH which will be released on the 18th of March via SPRINGSTOFF. The song was produced by Guy Sternberg (Feist, Yoko Ono, Kings of Convenience), with whom ANIQO recorded the majority of her debut album BIRTH in 2020, along with bandmates Torsten Füchsel and Illia Vovk. The Berlin-based artist’s music is often described as dark and subversive. With a commitment to minimalism and an urge to mix “light and dark” in innovative songs, she forges her own unique sound that oscillates somewhere between the genres of dark wave, psychedelic rock, singer-songwriter and folk – inspired by David Bowie, Beth Gibbons, John Lennon, PJ Harvey, Arcade Fire and Sharon van Etten. After the singles “Must Surrender”, “Deep Sea Fish”, “Fear” and “Balance” released in 2021,    ‘Vivre Libre’ now symbolizes the finale on the home straight to BIRTH. ‘Vivre Libre’ combines old-school romantic French elements with a vibrancy for life and all the possibilities found within it. Roughly translating to “live free”, the listener is enwrapped in elements of escapism and hope, melding with dramatic rolling beats: the world is harsh and yet, there will always be the right wind to carry you across the storm.‘Vivre Libre’ is the opening song of the upcoming debut, but at the same time and metaphorically it is also the end. The single sums up what BIRTH is about – the emergence from darkness, inner and outer struggles – it’s about resurrection in every sense of the word – the rising up, the goal in sight. ANIQO says about the single: „Imagine you have been drifting on the ocean for years, almost drowning, without strength. This moment when you see land again – that is VIVRE LIBRE and the knowledge that you can make it, that you can do anything, that you are free.”


Anita Goß aka ANIQO comes from deep family roots in Wismar on the baltic coast, where her parents also reside to this day while she is based in Berlin. This is significant in that not only do her current songs sound very metropolitan – imagine the protagonist in a busy scenario, the streets through which she walks are filled with people full of stories, the side streets dark and mysterious; the music of ANIQO is thereby full of longings. However, it is never the longing for another place, but always for other states of mind.Thus, ANIQO exudes a captivating intensity and strength with her music and hauntingly raw, evocative voice. Her songs and lyrics on her debut BIRTH are full of power and vulnerability while reflecting the statement of a strong and confident woman/musician. With great psychedelic guitars, driving drums and special electronic and synth effects she creates a magical atmosphere. ANIQO bridges the gap between today’s indie, rock & pop and the best of the post-punk and new wave era. Her sound is hypnotic and her artful, dystopian videos are mesmerizing. BIRTH stands at the beginning of everything that started 6 years ago as ANIQO. It’s not only a personal liberation but also a message to face life with hope: “I decided I didn’t want to be in the darkness anymore. I want to be in the light. I want to hope. I want to get back up after the deep pain. So I direct the glimpse of hope out of the darkness – into the light! 

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