The Von Tramps Released A Video For Lo Mein

The Von Tramps

With their new single Lo MeinThe Von Tramps expand their sound and experiment with exciting electronic elements – which is something the punk rock trio has never done before.

“Chelsea and I were exploring a ton of influences like The Police, Madonna, Jamacian dance hall music and English club records in addition to all of the artists and genres we already love”, explains singer Jenna Enemy. From this, The Von Tramps create a dreamlike world with Lo Mein, in which all genres blend perfectly together.

The song deals with the question of how to handle with success – when and if you have it, and how to combine it with your everyday life and your love. It starts a bit melancholy narrating a failing love story, in which one partner doesn’t see themselves fitting in the other person’s aspirations and has left them to dream away alone. The truth is that their love is a big part of that dream, because without it, life just wouldn’t be the proverbial dream come true.  

The accompanying video picks up the theme of the song perfectly: a digital dream world explored by Jenna, Chelsea and Krissandra. We can’t spoil all of the surprises, but watch for: checker print, a hound dog, a giant blimp, and of course old Lo Mein.

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