Captain Asshole Released A New Video

Captain Asshole

Home stretch – and then homesickness strikes after all. Boy, I’m Homesick! is the title of the third single from Captain Asshole‘s upcoming album Successfully Not Giving Up. The single plays with the typical cliché of the love-hate relationship between pop-punk bands and their hometowns, putting Captain Asshole’s own unique spin on it.
In just two minutes, the band reminisces about transient and forgotten places that exist only in memories and will be perceived completely differently in the eyes of future generations. With a catchy main riff, gang vocal choruses and an outro, that settles accounts with everything, the song bangs out of the speakers without a pause for breath.
The accompanying video is also straightforward and a pure performance video, which like the band’s previous visual output was produced in DIY fashion by Captain Asshole themselves in their rehearsal room.
Successfully Not Giving Up will be released worldwide on April 15, 2022 on SBÄM Records and on SAY-10 Records in North America. Currently, a release show is planned for April 30, 2022 at the Backstage Club in Munich. Tickets are available here!

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