Two Man Advantage – Live At CBGB’s 2002 / Live At Punk Rock Bowling 2018 LP (DCxPC Live)

Two Man Advantage - Live At CBGB's 2002 / Live At Punk Rock Bowling 2018 - DCxPC Live

After a couple of weeks on the road and some delays, shenanigans with the local post office, and their unexplainable delivery logistics, I finally got my copy of one of the latest DCxPC Live releases. Of course, the pandemic caused all these delays, and who knows how much we will have to bear with it. Anyways, I’m glad that this vinyl record arrived in one piece, so I could a couple of lines about it. This time, DCxPC decided to stack two live recordings by Two Man Advantage on one 12″ vinyl record, so there are plenty of sonic delicacies for all those underground music fans who’re fond of raw and energetic live performances. For those readers who are not familiar with the band, Two Man Advantage are a longevous hardcore band inspired by hockey with a decent amount of releases in their back catalog. Most of these releases are available on their Bandcamp page, so I highly advise you to check them out.

As I said before, this vinyl record carries two live recordings. First comes their live performance in legendary CBGB’s in 2002, and the second is live footage of their performance at Punk Rock Bowling in 2018. It is more than a good move mainly because it showcases two different periods in their longevous career. Judging by their sound, Two Man Advantage sounds superb on both recordings. Their mixture of New York hardcore, old school hardcore punk, and punk rock is unquestionably something special. Two Man Advantage doesn’t waste any time, so if short, aggressive, energetic hardcore punk tunes are something you dearly love, then these live recordings will be right up your alley. However, it seems that the most important thing about this vinyl release it’s the fact that both footages capture tremendous performances by the band that knows how to party. Seriously, Two Man Advantage simultaneously had fun and offered outstanding live performances.

This release possesses the same design as the remainder of recordings from the DCxPC Live series. The cover artwork carries a couple of photos and all the necessary information you need to know about these gigs and the band itself. I dig this style mainly because it looks serious. It looks like a test pressing or something similar. On the other hand, the three-color striped vinyl variant, or should I say, ice cream alike vinyl variant looks eye-peeling. It’s a perfect choice for this release, and it serves as such a nice contrast to the remainder of the visual identity. DCxPC Live nailed once again, and the crew never ceases to amaze with new releases. I have to admit that I am looking forward to their upcoming projects because they’ll look and sound superb like this one. In the meantime, head over to the DCxPC Live or Two Man Advantage for more information on how you can grab this gem.

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