V/A - Uprising Vol. 2. (Elitbolaget)

V/A – Uprising Vol. 2. (Elitbolaget)

V/A - Uprising Vol. 2. (Elitbolaget)

It seems decades have passed since I wrote something about various artists’ compilations. Somehow I pushed that format under the rug for no particular reason, and things have to be changed for the better. Luckily, Elitbolaget sent me one of their older comps for a review a while ago, so this particular release will serve the purpose just right. The label decided to unleash various artists’ comp with nineteen European bands. Their idea resulted in Uprising 2, a powerful sampler that contains nothing but quality metal and punk bands. It’s a treat for a listening apparatus, especially if you’re into these underground music genres.

I already mentioned that Uprising 2 houses exclusively European bands, but it would be good to say that all these bands come from Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and the UK. Some listeners will notice that bands from other European countries are excluded, but it is not a big deal considering how hard it is to gather groups to send their tracks. Whoever tried to operate as a publisher undoubtfully knows how much coordination, effort, time, and nerves it takes to do a project like this. Therefore, much respect to Elitbolaget for pulling out this project like pros. Especially when the list of bands is impressive like this. Speaking of the list, Uprising 2 carries artists such as Antagonist Zero (FI), Ashes of Maybelle (UK), Bludger (UK), Bob Malmström (FI), Cannibal Accident (FI), Cantilena (EE), Coprolith (FI), Demonic Death Judge (FI), Driller (PL), Dysangelium (CZ), Kaos, Kris och Helvete (SE), Khroma (FI), Koljosen Tiekiista (FI), Psilocybe Larvae (RU), Superflesh (FI), Terveet Kädet (FI), Trident (FI), Tvärnitad (SE), and Unborn Generation (FI).

Uprising 2 carries a surprising range of subgenres. You may stumble upon classic hardcore, hardcore punk, crust punk, metalcore, thrash metal, death metal, doom metal, sludge, and grindcore. Elitbolaget demanded only high-quality recordings and top-notch performances from the bands who participated. Therefore, this various artists’ compilation sounds superb from scratch to finish. It has something for everyone, and you’ll not even notice the lack of mellow, melodic, slightly more commercial bands. Uprising 2 is dedicated to aggressive music only, so if that’s something you prefer, then this comp will be your favorite weapon of choice every time you need some extreme underground music. The compilation comes on a compact disc housed in a cardboard sleeve, and it’s still available. Head over to Elitbolaget for more information about ordering.





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