Trident – Jezebel CD EP (Elitbolaget)

Trident - Jezebel CD EP - Elitbolaget

Here’s another dosage of heavy music from the recent Elitbolaget package. This time we’re traveling back to 2008 when Trident unleashed one of their debut demo recordings. For those who’re not familiar with the activities of this group, Trident is a Finnish metal/hardcore band that comes from Porvoo. It includes Matias and Wille, who formed Bob Malstrom right before Trident disbanded. Actually, the band never disbanded, but they didn’t record anything since 2014. Since 2006, Trident released three demo recordings, later included on a digital compilation that embraces their entire career. Today, I will like to talk a little bit more about their debut demo recording named Jezebel EP.

Jezebel EP carries three powerful compositions that continuously levitate somewhere between metal and hardcore sound. The reason why I avoided the association with metalcore is pretty simple. Even if you would like to compare it with metalcore, it would be much closer to true metalcore, or should I say, proto-metalcore, which was quite popular during the nineties. Trident avoids any relation with the melodic aspect of metalcore music and shows off the sheer devotion to death metal, thrash metal, groove metal, and New York hardcore sound. This particular style suits them well, and that’s vividly hearable while listening to these three energetic numbers.

I have to admit that the ideas invested in this demo are more than impressive. These songs sound much better than many studio recordings released on official albums by much more renowned bands. The first thing you’ll notice is superb heavy, sludgy, dirty riffs, guitar shreds, and other energetic virtuosities. Right from the start, you’ll realize these guys are not joking around. Their music is the real deal and thoroughly planned each maneuver included on this recording. The chunky low-end tones lurk around in the background, but you’ll notice them in some segments. Maybe this recording would sound even better if these basslines were volumed up a little bit more, but this is the demo recording after all.

Like the remainder of the involved instruments, the rhythm section nails from scratch to finish by delivering flawlessly performed beats, accentuations, and fills. For some reason, the lead vocals reminded me of Bruce Lepage of 100 Demons, so if that singing style is your jam, you’ll love Trident as well. As the band stated, Trident never disbanded but only remained inactive after 2014. That opens many doors for a possible reunion, which would be great considering the quality of this band. Jezebel EP is still available on a compact disc, so head over to Elitbolaget and grab your copy.

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