Aura Davis - Haunt Me

Aura Davis Recently Released A New Single

Aura Davis - Haunt Me

Zurich, Switzerland-based indie-pop artist Aura Davis recently released a new single. Haunt Me is the latest piece of artistry by this talented indie outlet, and it represents her thirteenth single in a row from a series of singles launched back in 2020. It is also the latest single she publishes at the very end of 2021. This particular single burst with such a calmy, relaxing, soothing, cathartic, ear-appealing atmosphere, mainly because of the fact that Aura Davis blends several complementary genres to achieve the desired sound. Besides the sheer dominance of indie pop, you may stumble upon some other ingredients like indie rock, soft rock, classic pop, dream pop, shoegaze, and cinematic ambiance.

Aura Davis - Haunt Me

Despiting the tremendous amount of sonic elements, Haunt Me appears as a thoughtfully arranged, wondrously composed, perfectly written, and flawlessly recorded composition that will indulge even the pickiest ears of true indie-pop fans. Her calmy voice emits emotively charged chants that are perfectly pairing the beautiful musical background. Haunt Me unquestionably carries everything you ever needed from a dreamy indie-pop song, so we highly advise you to check it out. You can listen to Haunt Me on all streaming services.







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