Deaf Lingo Released A Second Single From Their Upcoming Full-Length Album

Deaf Lingo

Italian alt-rock outfit Deaf Lingo combines melodic punk, lo-fi garage, and bittersweet indie into an orginal blend of alternative rock.

The band is set to release its sophomore studio album ”Lingonberry” at the end of April. Today, the band is sharing the second single from the new album, titled ”Friends”. A bittersweet, garage rock-influenced track with melodic vocals and desolated lyrics, blending the band’s signature lo-fi, indie rock sound with dynamic songwriting.

Sandro from Deaf Lingo about ”Friends”: “Friends is the first song we wrote for the upcoming record. Actually, an earlier version is included in our EP Friends/Failures released in 2019. Friends is a pessimistic song and it’s about friends leaving the country and the feeling of being alone in the suburbs with nothing to do.

FUN FACT: the very first chorus we used to sing in the pratice room was: “Madò che buò patat ‘e’ cozz” which means: “holy crap, how good is patate e cozze!” a typical southern Italy dish.”

”Friends” is released on all streaming platforms on January 28 via Lövely. ”Lingonberry” is set for release on April 29 on LP, CD, and digital formats.

Founded in 2015, in the outskirts of Milan, the band has developed a sound that’s direct, zestful, and warm while communicating a sense of underlying, unfiltered downheartedness, embodying themes such as alienation, separation, and apathy with a lively and energetic approach.

Deaf Lingo’s first effort, the lo-fi punk recording “Split Pee EP” was taped in the basement of a pizza place and followed by frequent gigs in the band’s home country. In 2017 the band released their debut album ”BUG”, which introduced the band to a new audience and enabled them to tour France and Belgium. 2019 saw the release of Deaf Lingo’s second EP Friends/Failures, and in 2020 the band teamed up with Double Not for the release of the split “KILLED BY BOREDOM – 27 Songs By Lockdown Survivors”.

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