The Breakdown Premieres A Brand New Single

London, UK alternative rock group The Breakdown premieres a brand new single today. Alarm! is their second single that comes right after The Girl In The Mondrian Dress, released on streaming platforms earlier this year. The Breakdown continues to do what they do the best, and that’s playing straightforward alternative rock music. Alarm! indeed serves as a proper continuation of their previous single, but it also seems that the sound of the group evolved in every possible way. The song is more melodic, heavy, energetic, and contains an excellent sound quality that follows all the contemporary trends in music production.

Soundwise, Alarm! perhaps appears like a straightforward alternative rock song, but there’s certainly more than meets the eyes. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice the band is heavily inspired by nineties rock, grunge, rock’n’roll, and punk rock. Still, the group also thought about those listeners who’re much more into contemporary alternative and indie rock sound, so Alarm satisfies both sides of the audience. You’ll solely enjoy guitar melodies, solos, and riffs drenched in generous dosages of fuzzy distortion, cleverly assembled basslines, and dynamic rhythmic performance. You should consider checking it out. Alarm! is available for listening on all streaming services.

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