For A Reason - Lights And Signs CD

For A Reason – Lights And Signs CD

It’s been a while since I wrote some reviews about skatepunk music, which is kind of strange considering I love this genre so much. What’s even stranger is the fact I missed so many good albums released in the past couple of months. Therefore, I want to fix that mistake by including more skatepunk groups on these pages. A brand new release by the Japanese skatepunk group For A Reason is more than a good start. Lights And Signs came out not a while ago, but this isn’t their only release. The band previously released a self-titled full-length release in 2015 and a series of singles, such as Carry On, Since You’ve Been Gone, Can We Start Again, and Where Do We Go.

Lights And Signs carry ten profoundly melodic compositions that go even beyond regular skatepunk sound. Besides vividly hearable skatepunk sonic maneuvers, For A Reason also explores similar genres like classic melodic punk rock and pop-punk. You may also stumble upon indie rock and post-hardcore segments. The band reduced these segments to a minimum, but they’re still vividly hearable. What blows my mind is their ability to keep this material flowing from scratch to finish. Lights And Signs possess enormous dynamics and balance, so each composition provides equal amounts of energy despiting the tempo changes. Therefore, you’ll enjoy their fast-paced skatepunk tunes and slower pop-punk anthemic songs without noticing any differences or oscillations in quality. Obviously, Lights And Signs is a well-produced material, and that quality shines brightly throughout the entire album.

For A Reason perfected their style by implementing equal dosages of dynamic skatepunk beats and pop-punk orchestrations into their compositions, and you can hear how each involved musician represents a significant cog in this energetic skatepunk machinery. You’ll solely enjoy all the themes, arpeggiated chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, octaves, and riffs. The semi-distorted basslines are also present in the mix from scratch to finish, and they serve as a binding element between guitars and exceptional drumming performance. The rhythm section bursts with sheer dynamics through thoughtfully assembled rhythmic structures, accentuations, and fills. For A Reason undoubtfully nailed with Lights And Signs, so you should check it out. Head over to their social media pages for more information about this release.




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