Chucky Trading Co - Honey Bee

Honey Bee: Chucky Trading Co Released A New Single

Honey Bee is the latest single by Chucky Trading Co. This Americana-infused indie rock composition talks about mismatched lovers, both persistent in some way because of their stubborn personalities. The author wrote, composed, recorded a number that thoroughly explains their personalities through detailed lyricism and outstanding musicianship. Besides the sheer dominance of indie-rock, Chucky Trading Co incorporates Americana, folk, blues rock, classic rock, and new wave to express the relationship between two lovers. These elements play a significant role in building up the atmosphere that surrounds the Honey Bee from scratch to finish. Still, the way the author performs and sings during the entire album provides an even brighter picture of the story of these lovers.

Chucky Trading Co

The number resembles something that the greats of the beforementioned genres would eventually record throughout their careers. You’ll notice how the big names such as Roy Orbison, Morrissey, Beach Boys, The Smiths, or Dire Straits influenced Chucky Trading Co. to write and compose this ear-appealing song. Honey Bee possesses all the qualities of the best blues-rock, indie rock, and classic rock sound, but it also carries an Americana/folk ambiance that will melt your heart. The single is available for listening on all streaming platforms.






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