Edward Sansom Release A New Single

Brighton, UK songwriter and producer Edward Sansom recently released a brand new single. Saturday is the fifth song in a row from a series of singles Sansom launched back in 2018. The song embraces the best qualities of indie music, but other ingredients are also lurking around in the mix. Perhaps the indie sound is dominant, but you may hear how Edward Sansom incorporated some elements of alternative, late nineties rock, contemporary rock, hard rock, and indie-pop. Sansom thoroughly explores all these subgenres of rock in order to achieve the desired sound that presents all the best modern indie rock has to offer.

Saturday possesses calmy, catchy, palm-muted verses decorated with appropriate ambiance performed on keyboards. Suddenly, the anthemic chorus kicks in with immense power and even more ear-appealing instrumentations. These instrumentations are uplifting this catchy track on an entirely new level, and it’s nearly mindblowing how Edward Sansom stacked some of these segments with detailed sonic accentuations. No matter what music genre you prefer, Saturday is a song that will indulge your listening apparatus. It possesses all the characteristics of the beforementioned genres, and you may even notice some other qualities along the way. Saturday is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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