Micah Thunder Recently Unleashed A New Song

Micah Thunder

Albuquerque, New Mexico indie rock artist Micah Thunder recently released another tremendous single. Take Your Shot is his tenth single in a row from the series of singles the artist launched back in 2020. Like many artists, Micah Thunder progresses with time and his music shapes in entirely beautiful form with each single. This Time, Micah Thunder embraces all the aesthetics of indie music, but you may also discover some other ingredients lurking beneath the layers of melodies, harmonies, and ambiances. Besides the unquestionable dominance of indie rock and indie pop, Micah Thunder incorporates the elements of power pop, dream pop, shoegaze pop, new wave, soft rock, nineties alternative rock, and probably includes even more genres along this ear-appealing journey.

Micah Thunder

The best thing about Take Your Shot is that the artist continuously levitates between contemporary and retro sonic aesthetics but, at the same time, remains true to the initial sound. Micah Thunder built his sound upon the beforementioned genres, and each single delivers something new and surprisingly pleasing. Still, you will immediately know you’re listening to this creative artist as soon as you press play. This song will play with your listening apparatus by continuously delivering soothing melodies and echoic ambiance. That’s more than a good reason to check out this beautiful song. Take Your Shot is available for listening on all streaming services.

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