One Haven Releases A Meaningful Alternative Rock Ballad

Red Deer, Canada alternative rock artist One Haven recently released a new single. Ember is a profoundly emotive ballad featuring Jen Taylor and Dean Scott. Soundwise, One Haven follows an already proven formula showcased on his previous double single called Somewhere In The Ether. The author embraces alternative rock, nineties rock, grunge, classic rock, so the composition burst with strong late nineties grungy rock ambiance. One Haven focuses on a detailed acoustic performance that includes thoughtfully arranged chord progressions and themes, while male and female vocals remain in the main focus. The song excludes the rhythm section, so Ember sounds and appears as a very calmy, soothing, relaxing, cathartic alternative rock ballad.

One Haven

The things you’ll love about this particular song are powerful ambiance, excellent vocal performances, arpeggiated acoustic guitar segments, and meaningful lyrics. One Haven put so many emotions and ideas while writing, composing, recording this song, and that effort is vividly hearable from scratch to finish. Ember is a perfect choice for you if you grew up listening to alternative and grunge rock back in the nineties, but also you should give it a try if you’re more into contemporary alternative rock. Ember is available for listening on all the streaming services.

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