She Took Your Heart And Ran: Carson Aday Released A New Single

Carson Aday
Photo By Nihar Vitthalana

Dallas, Texas indie-rock artist Carson Aday recently released a brand new single named She Took Your Heart And Ran. It is a song about love, friendship, breaking up, and finding it difficult to get over it. Inspired by the real-life events, the author wrote a composition about a friend who fell into a life of drug and alcohol addiction right after starting dating a girlfriend. The artist wrote this song after he ended his friendship with a beforementioned friend. She Took Your Heart And Ran is an emotive rollercoaster with excellent lyrics and catchy melodies. Carson Aday invested so many ideas in this number, and his effort to convey his views about the events is vividly hearable.

Carson Aday
Photo By Nik Harshaw

Perhaps She Took Your Heart And Ran is an indie-rock song, but you’ll notice how Carson Aday included some other ingredients along the way. You’ll stumble upon elements of indie-pop, classic pop, alternative rock, and maybe some other additions while listening to this ear-appealing song. This single carries so many melodies, harmonies, catchy moments, and segments worth listening to it over and over again. It is one of those indie songs that will stick on your playlist for months. She Took Your Heart And Ran is available for listening on all streaming services.

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