Our Darkest Days Release Snakes & Ladders LP And Band Debuts A New Video Featuring Etienne Dionne Of Mute

Our Darkest Days

Our Darkest Days have just released their latest album “Snakes & Ladders”, available now digitally and on CD via Thousand Islands Records (North America) and Lockjaw Records (UK/Europe). Vinyl will ship first half of 2022.

Vocalist Vince Fournier says, “Snakes & Ladders is the result of months of effort, sacrifice, adaptation due to COVID, tons of hours of songwriting and perfecting to surpass what we did on our first album. We put our guts and our hearts in every verse, every chorus, every word and every melody on this album. Snakes & Ladders is filled with emotion from the first to the last note, we hope you will feel them and live through our songs, the whole range of emotions that have marked us throughout the creation of this album.”

The ferocious follow up to 2016’s ‘A Common Agony’ features lightning fast skatepunk tuneage and is the band’s most technical and refined music to date. Includes guest artists Steve Rawles (Belvedere), Étienne Dionne (Mute), Geir Pedersen (Adhesive) and Valérie Morin.

Our Darkest Days - Snakes & Ladders LP

Our Darkest Days is a fast Canadian melodic/skatepunk band formed in Quebec City in 2012, by former band members consisting of singer Vince Fournier, guitarists Dann Greene and Russ Almond along with drummer Matt Leclerc. Bassist Jam Gosselin joined the following year. Most of the current members have been around playing punk rock for over 20 years, and still keep the flame burning stronger than ever.

Throughout the years, a few lineup changes occurred including Guillaume Fortin on drums, Claude Plamondon and John Leblanc on guitars. In the process of writing new material, they defined a unique and original sound that would stand apart amongst many other punk rock acts. However, their influences still today are reflected by 90’s punk rock bands such as Ignite, Propagandhi, Lagwagon, Good Riddance, Strung Out etc. The band’s first demo was released in 2013, followed by a split in Fall 2014 with Set It Back and then the first full length A Common Agony in 2016 on the US label Bird Attack Records.

After several shows and tours from 2016 to 2018, John leaves the band and Seb Ladouceur takes over the lead guitar, and in the end of 2019 Sean Connors then replaces Guillaume Fortin on drums. At the same time, Montreal-based independent record label, Thousand Islands Records, announces the addition of Our Darkest Days to its roster and plans of a new album coming out in Fall 2021 are revealed, which will also be released in Europe through Lockjaw Records.

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