Leather Apron Revival Returns With A New Single

Photo By Dan Cockram

Kimberley, British Columbia rock’n’roll trio Leather Apron Revival recently unleashed their new single called Stagehand. The group offers a high octane hard rock, mixed up with nineties alternative rock, stoner, grunge, and good old rock’n’roll. This particular single serves as a continuation to their self-titled extended play, released back in 2019. Two years have passed since their latest recording, but Stagehand unquestionably proves this powerful trio is back better than ever. You’ll instantaneously fall in love with highly addicted rock’n’roll riffs, cleverly assembled basslines, powerful drumming, and high-pitched chants.

Leather Apron Revival
Photo By Dan Cockram

Stagehand is an unavoidable composition that merges everything you love about rock’n’roll music. Still, the group surprises with some additional sonic maneuvers along the way, and you’ll love this tune even if you’re not into rock music. Besides the sheer dominance of contemporary and nineties alternative rock, you’ll undoubtfully notice how the seventies classic rock, nineties stoner, and Seattle grunge inspired these experienced musicians to create another outstanding song. There are even more reasons to pay closer attention to this particular single, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide about it. Stagehand is available for listening on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss this one out!

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