Two Man Advantage Promotes The Upcoming Double Live 12″ With A Second Single

Two Man Advantage

Long Island hockey-themed hardcore punk band Two Man Advantage recently released their second single named Headhunting. The song was taken from their live performance at CBGB’s, recorded back in 2002. The entire live footage represents an A-side of their upcoming 12″ release, which is already 50% sold out. This particular composition is a crowd favorite, and longtime fans of the group will solely enjoy this live version. Despite being taken from a live recording, Headhunting doesn’t quite sound like it. The group sounds superb on these recordings, so even if you’re not into live recordings, you’ll unquestionably love this vinyl release. On the other hand, if you’re into collecting live recordings, Two Man Advantage showcases all the rawness, aggression, energy of their performances. Also, considering the date of the recording, it serves as a credible document in their longevous career. 

DCxPC once again proves there are many ways to support the scene, even in times of pandemic. DCxPC was one of the first ones who adapted live streams during the pandemics, but they also decided to go a step further and started publishing their live streams as 7″ records. This double-live 12″ vinyl record by Two Man Advantage is another great one in the line, so you better snag yourself a copy and support their work. 

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