Hike The Peak Premieres A Brand New Single

A multi country collaborative project born from the covid lockdowns across the globe. 

The first ep ‘One’ starred Sean Arnold from frantic tech skate punkers The Affect Heuristic and Jo Bouwmesster from Netherlands based catchy pop punksmiths Coral Springs……lending their massively impressive vocal talents and now……’Two’ features two new different styles of vocalists…..Petter Mossberg from Swedish Tech Skatepunkers Rebuke and Robert Lee from British melodic HC speed merchants No Contest.

If you’re not upto speed yet……Hike The Peak is a project led by No Contest guitarist and Sheffield resident Lee Byatt…who during covid lockdowns started to put all his creative efforts into songwriting and recording to help with serious mental struggles. ‘Covid lockdowns were a nightmare. I missed playing in a band. I missed gigs….im not the most social person but it made me think about how playing music is such an important part of my life and with that ripped from me I didn’t know where to go….so slowly but surely I began hiding away in my spare room playing my guitar and learning a whole clutch of programs……Now my vocal talents are back up vocals at best so I thought id contact a few of my friends that I’ve toured/played shows with in the UK and the euro mainland to see if anyone was interested in adding their superior vocal talents to the project…..the response back was massively positive’  So it appears that the first 5 eps will be 2 tracks each released digitally roughly 6 weeks apart that will culminate in the debut 10 track Hike The Peak album.’

Defeatist – Petter Mossberg (Rebuke) – Sweden
Petter is a lovely bloke, very dry, very funny and he also has a unquenchable thirst for death metal…..whilst the song isn’t death metal the subject matter is……When Lee first contacted me to be about being a part of this project, I was like “I have no recollection of meeting this person, and/or getting naked in front of them” but when the smoke cleared, I couldn’t have been more honored to be asked. So naturally, I wrote him a song about killing your own children to save them from the world you ruined for them.. Petter is such a wicked chap…he decided the song needed some some tech guitar fret sauce and the lead breaks throughout are all his work!

Dust, Wind, Dude. – Robert Lee (No Contest) – England
I’d be a bit of a shit if I didn’t get Rob who plays with me in No Contest to get involved in writing and laying down something…he says about the song…’It’s about not letting the monotony of every day life or your past wear you down and realising we’re never alone in our struggles, regardless of how it may feel at the time. Honestly, I was bricking it a bit after not doing anything for so long but thought it would have been daft to pass on the opportunity to be a part of this collaborative behemoth. Plus I thought the new stuff you’d been cooking up for this project was particularly juicy!

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