Scallwags Announce Best Of 25 Years Vinyl Record

The German Punk N Roll Scallwags band looks back on a D.I.Y. history since 1996 – Wolverine Records will release a best-of vinyl on November 12.

The Scallwags are founded at a time when punk rock is not exactly on the rise. But the four guys from Schweinfurt don’t care about trends. Trends come and go, Scallwags stay. And so, an incredible 25 years later, they are still making punk rock with a lot of rock’n’roll. With loud guitars, official solos and an unerring sense for rousing melodies that get stuck in your head. Scallwags play countless concerts in the 25 years and release about 100 songs. A demo tape from the early days is followed by six studio albums, a first “best of” on vinyl and many sampler contributions in Germany, Spain and Japan. Together with friends from the Schweinfurt and Würzburg musician and artist scene, they do everything themselves – organize concerts, write songs, record, design and release records – always with a lot of heart and soul and professional standards.

To celebrate their silver wedding anniversary, Scallwags are releasing a vinyl LP. A “best of” the last three albums including two new songs that the band recorded during the Lockdown time Corona compliant in the studio of their bass player, Michael Simon. After 25 years a novelty for Scallwags, this time the record is released in cooperation with the Duisburg label “Wolverine Records”.

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