Chlorine Drops A Music Video For Thanks For Nothing

Chlorine has announced their debut single and music video for “Thanks for Nothing”. The dynamic sounds and stylings of this self-described “grunge revival with pop-punk roots” project come from the mind of Jared Russell, who has stayed busy over the years in other Pacific NorthWest rock groups and as a touring live guitarist. “Thanks for Nothing” also features a Four Year Strong connection, with studio production done by Alan Day and studio drums courtesy of Jake Massucco. The track is the debut single and video from this newly formed band, and is available today to stream on YoutubeSpotify and Apple Music

Chlorine isn’t a band that appeared out of thin air, and Russell has been building up to this moment for years since he began playing in punk rock bands as a teenager. Ever since beginning his professional journey in music, he was mentored and taken under the wing of Brandon Carlisle (RIP) of Teenage Bottlerocket. Russell credits him as the person who inspired him not only as a best friend, but sealed his direction with pursuing music as a way of life. After a move to Portland, Russell spent time touring internationally supporting groups like Simple Plan and Waterparks and soon after formed Chlorine during the downtime of 2020. The group traveled East to Massachusetts to track with Alan Day, crafting a set of songs that will soon be released.

I founded Chlorine in 2021 and set out to do a grunge revival project while following my pop punk roots. I have been playing in punk rock bands since I was 12 years old and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. “Thanks For Nothing” is a song I’m proud to release and I hope everyone feels the intense energy of the track.” – Jared Russell / Guitars and Vocals

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