Lazy Class - S/T CD (TNT Tunes)

Lazy Class – S/T CD (TNT Tunes)

This release recently arrived at our headquarters. To be quite honest, I wasn’t familiar with the band before. However, considering their music on this particular compact disc, I will have to check out their previous recordings and pay attention to their activities in the future. Lazy Class is a Polish streetpunk quartet that comes from Warsaw. Judging by their Bandcamp page, I can only assume the group is profoundly active with recordings. Since their formation, the band released Better Life EP, Hell Of San Domingo EP, Pressure Rising EP, and Interesting Times CD/CS. Lazy Class also released a couple of split releases with bands such as Max Cady, Rude Pride and appeared on various artist compilation named Warsaw Hardcore Punk Attack Vol. 3. Today, I will talk about their latest release, a self-titled full-length album.

This particular release is their second full-length, and it contains thirteen powerful streetpunk songs. Lazy Class nurtures quite an interesting sound that perhaps leans more towards modern than the traditional, old-school street punk sound, but you will stumble upon loads of moments when their music comes closer to classic Oi! The group blends British, US, and European street punk sound. Therefore, you can expect continuous switches between melodies and aggressive riffs. This style perfectly fits the group, and it seems these guys feel comfortable while playing this type of music. You’ll be blown away by their numbers if you’re deeply into streetpunk/Oi! music for sure, but this self-titled full-length will also appeal to everyone who loves punk rock music.

The best thing about streetpunk music is how the rhythm section is volumed up, and that’s the case with Lazy Class as well. The basslines are striking hard with chunky tones, while the drums keep everything energetic, dynamic, and punchy. The rhythm guitar and bass guitar are equally volumed up, so you’ll notice every single tone or note from scratch to finish. The cleverly assembled melodies, harmonies, themes, solos are coming like a cherry on the top and additionally enhancing the sound of Lazy Class. The vocals are levitating somewhere in between shouting and clean chanting, but at some points, you’ll hear high-pitched shouts and singalongs. Lazy Class sounds and appears like every streetpunk/Oi! group should appear in these modern times. Therefore, their music won’t dissapoint you by any means. Quite the contrary, you’ll be blown away by their thoughtfully assembled blend of melodies and aggression. You can grab a compact disc at the Lazy Class Bandcamp page or TNT Tunes. For vinyl head over to Contra Records or Toug Ain’t Enough.




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