Ippio Payo & Genelabo - Nobody Answers Questions LP - Geenger Records / Echokammer

Ippio Payo & Genelabo – Nobody Answers Questions LP (Geenger Records / Echokammer)

Geenger Records is on a winning streak lately (like they ever fail with upcoming releases), and today’s pick is living proof of my statement. For this particular release, Geenger Records teamed up with Echokammer, a German record label. The release I picked up for a review today goes as far as experimental music can go, but also remain within listenable waters. Only a few experimental artists can brag with that fact, especially on a contemporary experimental/avant-garde music scene. Ippio Payo is a Croatian multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Germany. He decided to team up with Genelabo, a skillful German visual artist, for this particular release. Speaking of visual identity, Nobody Answers Questions, especially if you’re into Bauhaus, dadaism, and contemporary visual arts. Geenger Records releases always carry eye-peeling/striking/catchy visual identity, so this particular material resonates with the same vibes.

Nobody Answers Questions carries four thoughtfully assembled experimental compositions that defy further classifications into the particular subgenre of avant-garde music. Ippio Payo somehow avoids all the standard cliches of the contemporary avant-garde scene. Nevertheless, his number also contains smaller chunks of post-rock, indie rock, cinematic ambient, world music, ethno, and electronic music. Still, these additional ingredients are vividly hearable throughout the entire album but not entirely dominant like the avant-garde side of an album. This material also resonates more on the regular than experimental music aspect, but you’ll get the feeling you’re listening to a skillfully arranged experimental release.

Ippio Payo exploits personally preferred formula consisting of gradually building sequences and segments, which evolve as you delve deeper into these numbers. Sometimes he starts with the rhythm section, sometimes he uses a minimalistic guitar approach, but his tunes always sound like an invitation to dig deeper into his profoundly complex sound. The technicalities and complexities are coming with the evolvement of these numbers, and each composition sounds/appears like Ippio Payo spent a decent amount of time writing, composing, producing this material. Still, Nobody Answers Questions provides an easy-listening experience rarely encountered on a modern experimental scene. Maybe his compositions contain countless details and sonic delicacies, but in the end, his music comes as a cathartic experience when you need relaxation the most.

It’s nearly impossible to list everything Ippio Payo decided to include within these four compositions, but you’ll encounter pleasant arpeggiated chord progressions, ear-appealing melodies, cathartic harmonies, deconstructed guitar layers, keys, synths, glitches, and beats. However, there’s a probability you will encounter even more sonic delicacies along the way because this material unquestionably offers even more whenever you decide to spin this recording all over again. Nobody Answers Questions comes on vinyl record and digital streaming platforms. You can score this experimental gem by visiting the Geenger Records web store or Bandcamp page. Also, head over to Echokammer, if you’re more closer to Germany. Pick up your preferable store and enjoy.




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