The Nailheads – Live To See Tomorrow CD (Dental Records)

This particular release spent some time in transit, but the postman eventually decided it would be nice to deliver it a couple of days ago. I was contacted by Dental Records a while ago, and we talked about this band, so finally, I can review their compact disc. As far as I am informed, The Nailheads are an experienced group with over 500 gigs under their belt. The group comes from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Live To See Tomorrow is their most advanced release. Since 2008, The Nailheads released an impressive amount of recordings, such as On The Run EP, People Killing People, a single named Rico G Zombie, Finish ‘Em Off With A Bat, and Too Cool For School. Still, it seems that their latest album sounds like their best material so far.

Live To See Tomorrow carries eleven powerful punk rock tunes. The material was heavily promoted over social media with a couple of singles, such as Live To See Tomorrow and Kill Or Be Killed. The Nailheads nurture such a unique sound that comes close to classic rock’n’roll, enhanced by the punk rock dynamics. Therefore, their music could be best described as rock’n’roll-infused punk rock. However, you may stumble on some other elements hard rock, pub rock, blues, country, Americana, reggae, dub, but these genres are hearable at particular compositions. Despite the number of styles, The Nailheads are handling all these genres like a pro, and their sound remains somewhere between classic rock’n’roll and punk rock.

The group solely relies on recognizable 50s rock’n’roll themes, scales, chords progressions, pub rock licks, melodies, harmonies, but their rhythm section is more into the energetic approach of punk rock music. The guitar resonates with so much sense for melody, emotion, and power at the same time. Still, you won’t easily detect if the group explores contemporary or old-school sound because they continuously levitate somewhere in between. The rhythm section keeps everything in line and defines the pace of the compositions through thoughtfully assembled rhythmic structures, accentuations, and fills. Besides energetic rock’n’roll infused punk rock numbers, you will stumble upon some calmy ballads. These calmer songs are such a nice contrast to the rest of the material. Live To See Tomorrow will be right up your alley if you’re looking out for the recording that offers an equal amount of rock’n’roll and punk rock, but also showcases some other elements along the way. The album is available on compact disc and on digital streaming platforms. Head over to Dental Records Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.

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