Rī Wolf – Strawberry Fields EP

Sometimes, ears are craving some flawlessly performed acoustic music, especially when you need to clear your head after the working week and relax during the weekend. There is a vast universe consisting of artists who are good at performing acoustic music, but those who can touch your soul with soothing sounds are considered a rarity. Rī Wolf is undoubtfully a rising star on the acoustic indie scene that deserves your utmost attention. 2020 was a prolific year for him and his career. Last year he released a series of singles, such as Better Someday, I Wish I Could, Light It Up, Light It Up (Radio Edit), Voyager, and Can You Stand The Rain. Then he decided to continue in the same tradition during 2021, so he released another series of singles, such as Leaving Tulsa, Little Red Corvette, Pieces, Red Light, Slide, A View Like You, Pull Me Up, Love On Fire, You Won’t Stop The Rain and Sinner. The best part about each one of the abovementioned compositions is that they all sound marvelous.

Rī Wolf decided to include a couple of singles like Slide, Sinner, and You Won’t Stop The Rain on his upcoming EP release named Strawberry Fields, which will see the light of the day on October 8th. Besides these three tunes, you will be able to enjoy other compositions, such as Strawberry Fields, Kirsten, and Texas Rose. Perhaps acoustic indie-pop is his primary weapon of choice, but Rī Wolf also incorporates other elements into his music. You may hear ingredients like classic pop, soul, blues, folk, country, bluegrass, Americana lurking around during some compositions, and Wolf handles all these genres like a pro. These additional ingredients are what make his tunes unavoidable for every true fan of acoustic music. However, Rī Wolf also incorporates a decent amount of electronic music into his sound, mostly hearable within the rhythm section. The subtle, gentle, moderate electronic beats perfectly match the remaining instruments involved in his debut extended play.

His acoustic guitar performance goes beyond comprehension so many times during the entire EP. You’ll encounter loads of soothing melodies, catchy harmonies, arpeggiated chord progressions, regular strumming chord progressions, various accentuations, and other sonic delicacies. His calmy voice goes perfectly with the guitar performance, but Rī knows when to accentuate or deliver high-pitched chants when the song demands such things. It’s nearly mindblowing how he transits from Americana-infused indie-pop to more of a classic pop decorated with the latest trends in music. Then the next song goes more into the country, bluegrass, and Americana, but still contains smaller chunks of indie-pop. His versatile style gives him a lot of space to experiment and improvise, so Rī Wolf has an entire musical playground for himself. This recording showcases experienced solo artist who knows how to handle various genres and sound unique at the same time. Strawberry Fields will be available on streaming services on October 8th, so don’t miss this excellent acoustic EP release.

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