ActionMen - Supa Baba! 7" - Mud Cake Records

ActionMen – Supa Baba! 7″ (Mud Cake Records)

I have to admit I was so excited when I heard the new ActionMen vinyl record going to land soon. It is one of those bands you surely do not want to miss if you are into technically demanding skate punk sound with lots of fast-paced sequences, breaks, and accentuations. As usual, Mud Cake Records took the initiative about this release and recently spread the news around social media about the vinyl record. Of course, I was more than happy to write something about it on these pages. Supa Baba is a follow-up material of ActionMen’s 2019 Defections split with the UK’s Dead Neck. For this occasion, ActionMen took the opportunity to mock themselves by recreating the cover artwork of Upa A Baba, one of their previous recordings. Still, these guys are taking their music pretty damn seriously since the entire new material burst with complex skate-punk tunes that will melt your brain and knock your socks off.

Supa Baba contains eight profoundly detailed skate punk compositions, as fast and progressive as melodic punk rock could possible be, but ActionMen are hiding even more tricks in their sleeves. Believe it or not, this group shakes foundations and moves the boundaries every time they decide to publish a brand new material. The way these guys shapeshift contemporary songwriting standards within the punk rock scene goes beyond comprehension. You will be convinced as soon as you grab this release, put it down on your turntable, and press play. I mean, there are literally thousands of brilliant skate punk bands out there, but no one handles this genre like ActionMen. There are few reasons why their music differs from the rest of the scene, but for those familiar with their discography, these reasons are quite obvious.

Perhaps ActionMen nurtures skate punk sound, but their music hides more sonic delicacies along the way. Their sound levitates somewhere between the nineties and contemporary skate punk music, but with obvious interruptions of math-core, math-rock, and progressive jazz. Still, the ActionMen keep these mathematical equations within melodic punk rock circles, so these elements are not pointed directly in your face, but they are certainly there. As soon as you press play on your turntable, you will enter the vast universe built upon technically precise melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, guitar shreds, riffs, octaves, scales, and other sonic delicacies. These guitar maneuvers will leave you breathless most of the time but make sure not to miss out on the brilliance of equally technically demanding basslines.

Wait until you hear the remarkable drumming acrobatics that hold all the pieces of the puzzle together. You will be impressed by the ultra-fast rhythmic sequences, various rhythmic progressions, accentuations, and fills. The lead vocals are delivering another layer of melodies and harmonies, which are perfectly going with the rest of the orchestrations. If you ever needed a jazzy/math/progressive approach to ultrafast melodic punk rock, Supa Baba by ActionMen is the right choice for you. Suba Baba comes on a 7″ vinyl record in a couple of variants, and you can pick between transparent yellow or opaque blue. There are 125 copies per variant, so act fast. Head over to Mud Cake Records for more detailed information about ordering this skatepunk masterpiece.




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