Scarlet Mill Promotes A Debut Album With A Single Named 29 Palms

A new Dutch indie rock group named Scarlet Mill recently shared a single that promotes their debut full-length. 29 Palms is part of the Chronicles, a murder ballad separated into seven distinctive pieces, and this particular composition has quite a tale. The song deals with despair, regret, resignation, love, and passion fighting for precedence on the landscape of the fictive cowboy village of 29 palms. Scarlet Mill makes sure to follow the plot with a characteristic western ambiance, while the calmy notes are fighting for dominance all the way through, from scratch to finish. Both lyric and sonic aspects of this interesting number are leaving quite an impression on the listener, especially if you’re into crime, mystery, thriller, western genres.

A tremolo-ridden arpeggiated chord progressions are leading the listener through a nearly psychedelic western ambiance. Like the majority of their compositions, the group nurtures a mellow, soothing, soft rock approach to indie sound. This particular approach adds even more obscurity, mystery, tension to this song, considering the main theme of the entire album. Scarlet Mill handles this style like a charm, and it seems that all the involved musicians feel comfortable while performing this type of music. 29 Palms will be right up your alley if you’re into crime/mystery/thriller themed music, with a touch of western/southern aesthetic. 29 Palms is available for listening on streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube.

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