Avresa Shares The Latest Single

Are You Happy? is the latest single by Avresa, an indie rock artist that emanates from Sydney, Australia. The idea for the composition came right out of the isolation caused by the pandemic. Being eighteen months into a pandemic, Avresa decided to write and compose a song about how life on social media, isolated from friends and family, affects mental health and changes everyday habits. It also talks about the mistakes we all made in the past, distant memories that still exist somewhere online, and presumptions about other people’s lives. Are You Happy? deals with life in general and how things like pandemics can radically change us and leave scars on our behavior.

Avresa showcases his admiration towards indie rock through this particular track, but there are more genres involved as you dig deeper into his sound. You may stumble on some elements of alternative rock, synth rock, and pop-rock. Are You Happy? balances between contemporary indie rock and nineties synth-rock sound, so this composition offers something for everyone. The involvement of alternative rock and pop music decorates Are You Happy? even more, and you’ll be surprised by the ambiance that this song delivers. Are You Happy? is a fourth track off Perspective, Avresa‘s comprehensive collection. The number is available on streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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