Fuck Toute – Fuck Toute LP (Slam Disques)

I get excited when I get the chance to review earlier stuff by some bands. There are thousands of records out there that somehow went unnoticed under the radar, but they unquestionably deserve much more exposure, so here’s the chance to rediscover one of those outstanding records. The debut self-titled full-length recording by Fuck Toute deserves your utmost attention, and you’ll realize why as soon as your spin this vinyl on your turntable. I was unaware of the existence of this Montréal, Québec hardcore punk band, but what I learned since I got this record is that the band also unleashed a demo recording and a single right before the publishing of their self-titled album. Therefore, now is more than a good occasion to write a couple of lines about this interesting Canadian hardcore punk group.

Canada has always been a staple for some brilliant bands, but somehow I get used to listening to their melodic hardcore, melodic punk rock, skate punk, and pop-punk bands. Still, there are much more aggressive groups out there, and Fuck Toute is one of them. The group delivers quite a characteristic hardcore punk sound that defies comparison with other bands. Their music showcases an entirely abrasive, dissonant, noisy approach to hardcore punk sound, but somehow everything resonates in harmony. Still, this harmony is interrupted by an occasional explorations into much more chaotic and even more aggressive segments where the band demonstrates sheer power. Besides the ultimate dominance of hardcore punk sound, you may also notice some interruptions by some other ingredients such as grindcore, mathcore, post-hardcore, and noise rock. Fuck Toute keep their music purposely noisy, technical, and aggressive in order to vividly illustrate their unique sound.

What really makes the difference in their music are the hellish lead vocals. The vocalist sounds like he’s singing straight from the depths of hell, so each song sounds feral, dark, and obscure. Besides some standard hardcore punk orchestrations, Fuck Toute incorporates some technically demanding guitar maneuvers, catchy guitar shreds, and noisy accentuations. The bass guitar also contains loads of distortion, so you got even more abrasiveness and noise over the top. The versatile drumming performance decorates each number with fast-paced rhythmic acrobatics, colossal half-step rhythms, blastbeat segments, but you may stumble upon some other drumming virtuosities along the way. This self-titled recording really stands out from the vast sea of contemporary hardcore punk albums and Fuck Toute unquestionably deserves your attention. The album is released on vinyl by Slam Disques. Head over to their shop for more information about ordering.

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