Asheraah - The Mountain CD - Geenger Records

Asheraah – The Mountain CD (Geenger Records)

Asheraah - The Mountain CD - Geenger Records

Here’s another oldie from the Geenger Records vaults, and oh, this is so damn good one. For some unexplained reason, I saved the best for last, so this particular release comes like a cherry on the top considering Geenger Records archives. Asheraah is a post-rock/post-metal group that emanates from Zagreb, Croatia, and today I would like to talk a little bit more about The Mountain, their debut full-length album. Despite the fact this material seen the light of the day in 2013, it still holds as a relevant piece of artistry even today, when the post-rock/post-metal groups are popping out from nowhere like never before. This group had so much to offer nearly a decade ago, so a lot of contemporary groups sound like they copy/pasted their sound.

Through The Mountain, Asheraah demonstrates a spectacular cinematic ambiance, built upon the recognizable post-rock and post-metal aesthetics. Their music is more atmospheric than melancholic, but you may hear some saddened melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, and riffs. Asheraah offers loads of guitar dualities where one side bursts with colossal riffages while the other spreads a giant layer of various polyphonic delicacies. The heavy low-end tones are punching from beneath through delicate basslines and giving all the necessary support to both guitars and exceptional drumming. The rhythmic performance is equally luxurious as the performance of the remainder of the group, and the entire Asheraah works with ultimate precision.

What surprises me the most about this band is the sheer amount of themes enclosed within each composition. Each number offers loads of thoughtfully assembled segments, bounded by a unique atmosphere, but somehow, the entire album resonates as a compact collection. It’s impossible to notice even the tiniest mistake. Every instrument articulates with so much precision and a sense of balance. The group left out the vocal section from their full-length material like many other similar groups of the same genre, but these songs somehow work very well without chants. Everything works in advantage of this brilliant band from scratch to finish. You’ll solely enjoy their tunes if you’re into perfectly executed post-rock or post-metal music. Head over to Geenger Records for more detailed information about ordering.




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