Chrysalism Promotes A New Single

Chrysalism - Orange Light District

North London darkwave artist Chrysalism promotes a new single named Orange Light District. Emanating from the post-communist scene of Eastern Europe, Chrysalism showcases his admiration towards the darkwave, post-punk, and goth rock scene. Chrysalism embraces all these elements and delivers a profoundly melancholic tune, heavily inspired by the UK and Eastern European eighties underground music scenes. The artist also infuses the ingredients such as the late nineties synth and R’n’B music. Therefore, Orange Light District appears as a mixture you never heard before. It is unquestionably one of the most unique musical blends you’ll experience on the contemporary music scene.

Orange Light District offers an energetic synth rhythmic section, thoughtfully assembled synth basslines, and melodic themes performed on keyboards. The composition song dives into more contemporary electronica and R’n’B as it progresses towards the end. It’s nearly mindblowing how all these genres are working together in harmony from scratch to finish, and the entire track sounds like these genres were made for each other. Chrysalism somehow managed to blend the ingredients you’ll never think merging together and succeeded in his aims to deliver a compact darkwave song. Orange Light District is available on social media platforms such as Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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