Jump Start Records Launches 25th Anniversary Subscription Club

Jump Start Records Launches 25th Anniversary Subscription Club

In the works for much of the last year, long-running Philly-based punk/ska/hardcore/indie label Jump Start Records has officially launched its VERY FIRST SUBSCRIPTION CLUB, which coincides with the label’s 25 year anniversary.

Label owner Jeremy Myers says, “Somehow, some way, we’ve managed to stick around for 25 years. Crazy, right? All the ups and downs, the good decisions, the bad decisions, for better or for worse, we’re still here. To celebrate we’ve put together a little something to mark the occasion, our very first subscription club!”

Launched in 1996, Jump Start Records was born in a college dorm room first as a paper mailorder catalog and zine that quickly evolved into a vinyl 7″ release with Montreal’s The Planet Smashers. Twenty years and well over 100 releases later, they’re still here, for better or for worse, fighting the good fight.

While the focus and drive of the label has shifted greatly over the years, one thing has stayed true and that’s a personal connection with the music and a desire to work with friends releasing music that they love.

Among the many records they’ve released throughout the years are classics from the likes of A Wilhelm Scream, Antillectual, MXPX, Broadcaster, Belvedere, Kill Lincoln, Off With Their Heads, Horace Pinker, Crucial Dudes, Astpai, Plow United and many others.

Times are tough, and being an independent record label in the year 2021 isn’t easy; getting people to pay attention to a small record label run out of a suburban Philadelphia basement is no easy task, but they hope you enjoy what they find as much as they enjoy introducing the world to bands and music they think you ought to know.

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