Marines Are Promoting Their Debut Single

Hartlepool, UK post-punk quartet Marines promote their debut single named No Hell, Incase. The group started as a trio performing cover songs but eventually become a quartet and started writing original compositions. No Hell, Incase represents the first serious work as a four-piece group. Marines are heavily inspired by renowned groups, such as At The Drive-In, Bloc Party, Iceage, and Interpol, but their music unveils a well-balanced mixture of eighties post-punk, noise rock, and post-hardcore sound. Marines are Liam on guitars and vocals, Jay on guitars, Aidan on bass guitar and backup vocals, and Jamie on drums and backup vocals.

Marines - No Hell, Incase

The group explains the meaning of the song: No Hell, Incase is about masochism and unwillingness to tear away from a destructive situation whilst enjoying the vulnerability of being the one in the right. It presents the repetition of human emotion and the depravity of what we can become with pessimism and a commentary of manipulative characters.

Marines - No Hell, Incase

No Hell, Incase delves deep into the fundamentals of post-punk sound, but it also involves loads of noise rock and post-hardcore maneuvers. Perhaps this number carries reverby/echoic aesthetics, melodies, and harmonies, which are the main characteristic of post-punk sound, but Marines incorporate a chaotic/abrasive/dissonant noise-rock approach and sheer dynamics of post-hardcore music. The lead vocals are continuously levitating between sooting chanting and delicate screams, which are giving another dimension to this song. No Hell, Incase is an outstanding debut single by this very promising UK group.

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