Canadian Pop-Punks Gents On Loan Are Promoting A Debut Single

Gents On Loan - From The Start

During the lockdown at Ontario, Canada, six experienced musicians gathered to kill some time by remotely recording what would become their debut single. This collaboration consists of individuals who already perform in bands from Ontario, such as We Were Sharks, Iconoclast, Autumns Cannon, Valley Mountain, and In Heat. Because of the nature of this collab, they decided to call themselves Gents On Loan. From The Start is their debut single that showcases their affection towards the modern pop-punk sound. You may hear a slight resemblance with renowned groups such as Blink 182, New Found Glory, Sum 41, We Were Sharks, but Gents On Loan tend to nurture their unique style as much as possible.

From The Start bursts with powerful verses and striking choruses, decorated by the exquisite musicianship of all six band members. The group offers loads of melodic structures, nearly cathartic harmonies, thoughtfully arranged low-end tones, and heavy rhythmic performance. Gents On Loan offers a well-balanced sound that explores both old school and new school pop-punk aesthetics. Therefore, From The Start will be right up your alley no matter which type of sound you prefer.

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