Backdrop Falls Releases A Documentary Behind The Process Of Making The Record There’s No Such Place As Home

Backdrop Falls

As they’re about to get into the studio, Backdrop Falls have just released on their socials a mini doc, entitled “There’s No Such Place As Home Documentary”, where they go back and discuss pretty much everything about their first full-length and how it came about.

The mini doc features each band member’s perspective on how the creative process of the songs took place and how the album itself came into being. They talk about songwriting, artwork, music videos, the reception that it has received overseas as well as what the band personally represents to them.

Following the release of Big Lie’s music video, the documentary should end the cycle of the band’s debut album as they have currently been in the studio working on their upcoming effort, to be announced soon.

Backdrop Falls is formed by Matheus Collyer (guitar/vocals), Rafael Neutral (guitar), Roger Capone (drums) and Ilton Tiger (bass), long-time musicians of the Latin American punk rock scene that have already shared the stage with world-famous bands such as Sum 41, The Hellacopters, Face to Face and Against Me and played some of the main Brazilian festivals. In addition to this latest mini-doc, they have been pretty active on their YouTube channel and had previously released another documentary, covering their tour in Argentina as well as a live concert and a bunch of other content, like music videos, acoustic versions of their own songs and covers, for example.

There’s no such place as home” came out in 2019 on Electric Funeral Records and was distributed through ten labels around the globe: Geenger Records (Croatia), Duff Records (Italy), 20 Chords Records (Spain), Infected Records (Portugal), Bomber Music (United Kingdom), Razor Records (Argentina), Audioslam (Chile), Mevzu Records (Turkey) and Dinamite Records (United States). The band has been able to go on their first international tour and to get featured in major playlists and compilations ever since.

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