Dimwind Unleashes Slow Wave Violence


Energetic Swedish post-rock duo Dimwind unleashed Slow Wave Violence, a debut album with seven detailed compositions that will indulge all the curious ears who’re in search of technically demanding post-rock sound. Dimwind thoroughly explores the fundamentals of this particular genre but also incorporates several other genres along the way in order to expand their sonic universe even more. Slow Wave Violence showcases a variety of brilliant ideas and excellent musicianship, harmoniously combined into seven sophisticated numbers. You may notice an interference of progressive metal, progressive rock, alternative rock, and cinematic ambient, thoroughly implemented into the post-rock foundations. All these elements are enhancing the atmosphere of this full-length from scratch to finish.

Dimwind merges calmy cinematic ambiances, robust metallic riffages, and heavy drumming performance with post-rock aesthetics. Their sound showcases a lot of colossal dynamic segments, but the group rapidly transforms from heavy tones to mellow melodies with such ease. You may notice subtle interruptions of Scandinavian and Nordic folk music, but these are just minor involvements, while the post-rock/post-metal sound remains as the primary base. Slow Wave Violence is available on streaming services such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.






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