They Live: Bones In Butter Points Out Importance Of Resistance Through Post-Punk Music

Bones In Butter

They Live is one of the recent works by Bones In Butter, a Belgrade post-punk group led by Milutin Krašević. As the final line-up hasn’t been established yet, Krašević gathered highly experienced professional musicians at the very beginning of the lockdown to record this particular composition. This collaboration between all of them resulted in a permanent line-up that’ll record future recordings. For those who paid closer attention to these pages, perhaps you’re already familiar with the musical direction of Bones Butter, but this composition represents a more straightforward approach to post-punk as a genre. Krašević and the remaining members of Bones In Butter tried to bring back all the best qualities of the particular genre and reflect the glory days for post-punk.

Bones In Butter - They Live

They Live represens a homage to John Carpenter’s They Live, a futuristic, post-apocalyptic, dystopian motion picture about consumerism, mass-media manipulation, and the upcoming global reign of unidentified alien entities. Bones In Butter explores this theme by and applying healthy dosages of sarcasm and humor. However, the group also simultaneously points out the importance of resisting any form of oppression. Their take on the late seventies to mid-eighties post-punk sounds acts as a perfect base to convey the message. They Live will be available on July 30th at streaming platforms. Until then, you can pre-order a single on Bandcamp.

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