Voodoo Bloo Promotes His Second Single With A Brand New Video

Voodoo Bloo

Wellington, New Zealand Voodoo Bloo hits hard with his latest single named MMA. It is his second single, followed by a video that visually describes the sheer power of the Voodoo Bloo. MMA combines several complementary genres to demonstrate the brilliant ideas and musicianship of Tony McDonald and his following band. This number will be right up your alley if you’re into punk rock, grunge, alternative, or hard rock. McDonald decided to incorporate all the best affinities of these genres but remain true to his roots. Therefore, you’ll solely enjoy this number if you loved his previous works.

MMA is his second UK single, published on May 14th through PlasticGroove Records. It comes as a perfect continuation of his critically acclaimed debut single named Her Name Was Human released back in February of 2021. McDonald is famous for being a prolific singer/songwriter, musician, and producer, so he mostly feels comfortable producing his works first, then recruiting musicians for his band. It’s a tradition that he follows since his previous group Lucifer Gunne. Voodoo Bloo always knows what he’s doing, and the results are always flawless. MMA is available on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, and YouTube.

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