Love Ghost Promote Their Brand New Single

Love Ghost

Love Ghost promotes Fade Away (Shave My Head), the latest single that delves deep into the grunge sound. Besides sheer dominance of grunge, you may also notice how Love Ghost explores the aesthetics of post-hardcore, emo, indie, alternative, and metal. Fade Away is an anthemic song about mental health packed with everything you need. Love Ghost thought about everything, so this number floats somewhere between retro and modern sound. You may hear how the nineties’ dirty grunge riffs are pervading through some modern arrangements, while the chorus demonstrates all the qualities of contemporary indie sound. It is a thoughtfully arranged composition that seeks your utmost attention.

Love Ghost - Fade Away (Shave My Head)

However, Love Ghost doesn’t stop there. Besides all the melancholy, melodies, harmonies, riffs, intense choruses, and verses, Love Ghost decided to implement a powerful heavy metal solo that chops the ambiance in half. It comes as a refreshment after series of sincere, emotional, soothing melodies and gives a bit of a character to the song. The band decided to get back to the roots of grunge music, which inspired them to start playing in the first place. It’s more than obvious these guys nailed the style but also spiced things up with some modern twist. Fade Away is available on streaming services, such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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