LULL Unleash The Video For Their Latest Single Refuge


LULL is one of those groups that possess all the qualities of the biggest names in the game. This group carries profoundly melodic aesthetics of alternative rock, the melancholy of emo groups, indie rock arrangements, and post-hardcore dynamics. These creative individuals took the best affinities of each one of the beforementioned genres and created a Refuge, their latest single that serves as living proof of my statement. It’s a powerful composition that shines bright on the spotlight with ear-appealing melodies, echoic harmonies, clever strong structures, and catchy arrangements. It’s one of those songs you’ll instantly fall in love, as soon as you listen to it.


Refuge showcases the dirtiness of grunge revival and the ultimate power of contemporary post-hardcore. Still, this number also reveals the soothing aesthetics that LULL unquestionably pushes through their previous songs. These experienced UK musicians are not joking when it comes to writing, composing, assembling, recording, and producing music. Everything about this band is the real deal, and so is the Refuge, a song that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of the abovementioned genres. Refuge is available on streaming services such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. Also, make sure to check out the video for this number.

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